zaterdag 5 juni 2010

IRC bot

I was thinking awhile ago, to start my IRC server again. I decided I don't want it to be flooded. So I thought there had to be a moderator or admin 24/7, but no one will be on 24/7. I decided to make an IRC bot. I want to make the bot public, so Ill upload it here also.

The bot is free to use, it doesn't contain any ad, adware, trojan or virus. It includes options to code functions by yourself inside a DLL. It's written in C# for the ones who's intrested in that. Note, you aren't allowed to sell the it on any way or abuse it for illegal stuff. I'm not responsible for any actions taken with it.

Here you can read the result of a scan with

Download link RapidShare
MD5: B256765FF23C6F4EDBBE2D5F3744CD07.

Download link MegaUpload

If you get an error, please delete the config file ^^ thanks.

Known bugs:
  1. Can't reconnect after disconnecting. Need to restart the application.
  2. Can't start with windows.
  3. Can't log-in automatically.
  4. Need NickServ to be enabled.

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